Marvel won’t make these heroes into movies, probably

The MCU is the envy of all studios in Hollywood. Every movie they churn out gets rave reviews and makes tonnes full of money. But when it comes to the characters from the comics, they’ve barely scratched the surface. Making films about a man who can shrink and control Ants or wisecracking raccoons and talking... Continue Reading →


Simple, and yet simply Astonishing – Darkest Hour

With two Churchill films within a matter of months of each other, it gave movie goers a chance to appreciate an accurate depiction of one of Britain's greatest heroes. Gary Oldman trounces Brain Cox's depiction of the portly politician and rightly so, Darkest Hour is a magnificent piece of art. Never before has the great... Continue Reading →

An Indian Adventure: Day 6

By far, today was the most enjoyable day. I was sent around the city, in order to get landscape shots. After much research, I came to the conclusion that the best results would be on and around Howrah Bridge. An 8km walk, it gave me a chance to experience half the city for what it... Continue Reading →

An Indian Adventure: Day 5

For today, nothing really of note took place in all honesty, I’ve had assignments and projects to work on a lot so I have little time really. The editor, the team leader and my colleagues really like my work. At the moment, I’m mostly writing copy, helping out with social media pieces, coming up with... Continue Reading →

An Indian Adventure: Day 4

Lack of sleep and uncontrollable desire to stay in bed meant that once again I got up too late to go to the market for essentials and to early for work. I spent the morning drafting ideas for pieces I could write for my colleagues and then summoned an Uber when it became time to... Continue Reading →

An Indian Adventure: Day 3

This lack of sleep is becoming a regular thing in this country. Noises everywhere and a racing mind kept me awake till the mid-morning. I waddled out onto my balcony and sat and looked up at the night sky. To my horror, there were no stars. Pollution was so bad here that the wondrous night... Continue Reading →

An Indian Adventure: Day 2

Day 2 began much later due to changes in time zones. I was awake all night and slept most of the day. I woke up around 2pm, and even questioned as to why I should even go outside – I was that tired. Alas, I ventured out into the world, using my GPS to find... Continue Reading →

A cafe like no other

When it comes to cafe's our high streets are littered with Costas, Starbucks, Coffee #1 and so many more chain shops that the obscure are left to fend for themselves.  A cafe filled with cats might seem like a daft or absurd idea to you, but to the people of 'You & Meow', cats and... Continue Reading →

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