The Top 10 Restaurants in Cheltenham

So what is the best restaurant in Cheltenham?

According to TripAdvisor its Prithvi of Bath Road. The Indian restaurant was recently named in a list of the top 10 restaurants in the UK.

‘The Travellers’ Choice Favourite Fine Dining Restaurants UK’ ranked Prithvi 6th and the Indian has received nearly 900 “Excellent” scores on TripAdvisor.

With Prithvi being recognised nationally, here’s the top 10 restaurants in Cheltenham according to TripAdvisor.

  1. Prithvi – Was there any doubt? Prithvi is a contemporary dining room serving modern takes on classic Indian cuisine with Michelin star quality food. It’s easy to understand why this powerhouse of a restaurant sits atop the other 345 restaurants in Cheltenham.
  2. Lumiere – Clarence Parade is home to Lumiere’s Contemporary european cuisine. With delightful amuse bouche and attentive staff whom pride themselves on presentation this eatery is a delightful second placed gem.
  3. East India Cafe- The second Indian restaurant on this list, despite living in Prithvi’s shadow, this restaurant wonderfully blends other asian cuisines and this is highlighted in their tasting menus that delightfully blend all aspects of Asia onto your plate. The original decor is something to behold here.
  4. KIBOUsushi – Don’t be fooled by its basement location – this Japanese blends colourful, tasty masterpieces in a small space. The staff’s knowledge on Sushi is exceptional – which can be handy if you’re not an expert. (I’d recommend the Monkfish Tempura).
  5. L’artisan – France is renowned for it’s fine dining and L’artisan is an exuberant european breath of fresh air that does not disappoint. It’s authentically French cuisine, staff and atmosphere matches the exceptional quality of the food and the restaurant itself.
  6. The County Kitchen – Winner of the ‘Taste of Gloucestershire food and farming award 2015’, this cosy cafe caters for all kinds of scrumptious meals in a rustic atmosphere that’s not to overlooked. A hidden gem.
  7. Purslane- Whether lunch or dinner, Purslane is renowned for top quality food served in a very short amount of time. Purslane’s fish dishes are so tantalising its like they’re freshly caught. What the portions may lack in size, they make up for in their flavours.
  8. Bhoomi – The Indian restaurants of Cheltenham are really flying high with the third one on this list. Formal yet friendly service with gorgeously sophisticated decor, Bhoomi proudly stands aside Prithvi and the many other excellent Indian restaurants in Cheltenham.
  9. Montpellier Lodge – The best gluten free menu in Cheltenham with an excellent wine selection to add. Probably one of the best places for Sunday lunch with very generous portions.
  10. The White Spoon – A beautifully located restaurant. This gem gifts generous portion sizes, with polite staff whom serve their food as a work of art with presentation sparing no expense.

That was the Top 10 for TripAdvisor, now here’s my take on the Top 10 restaurants in Cheltenham.

  1. Prithvi.
  2. 288 Bar & Wok – A reasonably priced asian fashion restaurant with enormous portion sizes, authentic asian decor, locally sourced ingredients and speedy service helps Bar & Wok high up onto my list.
  3. Indian Voojan – At 71 on TripAdvisor, its considerably lower than Bhoomi and East India Cafe. However, the staff here are incredibly friendly and offered my several tasty morsels on the menu free of charge to wet my appetite. They even offered me student discount. Oh…Voojan also houses the best Onion Bhajis in Cheltenham.
  4. Lumiere.
  5.  The Fire Station – The building is well, an old fire station, but its transition to a stunning restaurant is staggering. An excellent wine and cocktail selection can be found here along with somewhat expensive food that’s worth the money.
  6. Brewhouse & Kitchen – A chain restaurant (hear me out) that has proper pub food. Giant burgers like “The Ridiculous Burger,” can be twinned with the main selling point to this new Cheltenham eatery – it’s focus on Ales. With a handful actually brewed onsite and a giant selection of ales thats ever changing this restaurant is always rammed – booking in advanced highly recommended.
  7. AquaVitae – The newest and probably the most entertaining on this list – AquaVitae house well presented food with an ever changing cocktail menu designed by Sambo Collier, one of the top mixologists in Cheltenham and live music nearly every night.
  8. Zizzi’s – The second and final franchise restaurant on this list. It makes this list for its stunning location. located inside a converted church with several wondrously designed pizza ovens atop where the alter formerly resided. Its honestly magical to sit and eat in a place that once was a house of god and needs to be experienced.
  9. The Exmouth Arms – A pub located at the midpoint of Bath Road, This pub is always busy and houses a delightful menu, a wonderful pub lunch and a pizza oven in the beer garden that serves delicious pizzas to be enjoyed with a pint in the sun. lovely.
  10. The Vine – Thai anyone? This tasty gem resides at the top end of the high street where not many know about it. However, the authentic thai food is tasty and extremely good value for money.

What’s your favourite? Have I missed any amazing restaurants off my list? Leave a comment and have your say!



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