Pop Vinyl: Making it OK for men to play with Dolls

I have a confession to make. I collect Pop figures. It’s hard for me to say it but my unconditional love for these boxed delights stems from a collaboration of nerd culture, hoarding and uniformity.

It’s only be a year since I’ve started collecting Pop figures. I now have nearly fifty boxed figures, two 6 inch pops and 1 fabrikation figure. This may not sound like a lot compared to some, but collecting them can be expensive. You may be able to pick up cheap ones for under ten pounds but these figures are considered fodder to anyone looking to make a decent collection. The simple way to look at it is – If its got a sticker on the front of the plastic, purchase it. I have rare Star Wars Pops from the 2016 Galactic Convention, I have an exclusive Poe Dameron only found at Walmart, I have a New York Comic Con 2015 Exclusive Kratos. The simple thing is buy the pops with stickers on them as they’re worth more. I am a massive fan of the Hannibal TV series and they have their own pop line. However, there’s a special Hannibal pop and its starting price is around 80 pounds for the Bloody Hannibal pop. 80 pounds for a piece of plastic in a small cardboard box? No because this hard to find gem is worth it. You own something that gives you bragging rights over all your collector friends. Only a true fan would want to have something so rare in their collection. Collecting pops isn’t about having every single one ever made ever like Panini stickers. It’s about collecting your heroes or favourite villains and having cute immortalised versions of them in your room.


You can collect anything. Video games? You’ve got Fallout, Call of Duty, God of War, The Elder Scrolls. There are movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, Star Trek. Don’t forget TV series like Hannibal, Game of Thrones, the Walking Dead, Breaking Bad. How could you forget comic book characters like Deadpool, Doctor Voodoo, Cable and so many, many more. The point I’m trying to make is that Pop! Vinyl gives you an endless amounts of possibilities to collect and admire. There are so many more genres and things to collect and now that Pop has gained popularity there’s new additions every month. For the upcoming Star Wars movie, Rogue One, there’s at least fifteen new Pops just been released and there will be so many more. Pop doesn’t have to be about being “nerdy” its more about showing love for any form of pop culture that can fit into a small cardboard box.

Pop Vinyl even makes cute characters look even cuter like this Entertainment.com exclusive Dancing Groot

Pop! Vinyl has gained so much notoriety that since I’ve started collecting I’ve noticed a massive influx in the creation of new products by the company Funko. I myself have a Batman Pop mug that I’m currently drinking Peppermint and Fennel tea out of. But Funko have released miniature key rings, T-shirts, puzzles, posters, lights, lanyard, salt shakers and so much more. Figures have become the aforementioned 6-inch figures giant figures, Fabkriation figures made of cloth, Dorbz which are round figures that wobble and Rides which are characters and their famous vehicles like Mr. T and the A-Team van. Pop has branched out into so many possibilities to have so much to show off and with so much variety it’s obviously the company’s attempts to get more profit but at the same time they’re answering the calls of fans to “make this…can you create that?” And that’s why Pop figures and the company Funko always hold a place in my heart.

Pop has really worked out its main audience. Superhero fans. Pop seems to have a massive turn on for Batman. There are so many Batman pops that I physically cannot count them. Pop Vinyl has incorporated heroes that the movies can only dream of. There’s DC’s Black Manta, Firestorm and Power Girl. Marvel too have pop figures of She-Hulk, Spider Gwen and Squirrel Girl. These characters have not yet been represented in film and as this is being written, are unlikely to be. The figures themselves are so accurate to the comic book its like they’ve been shrunk right out of the pages. Pop clearly care about their fans and realise that most of their fans are comic book characters and adhere to some of their more obscure wishes.

These are just some of the figures that litter my bedroom, I’m slowly running out of space.

Pop! Vinyl has endless possibilities and it allows you to collect your favourite characters and immortalise them on your shelf in a tiny, friendly form. It has certainly given me purpose in my life, giving me something to look forward to by making every trip to the comic book store more exciting. And I hope there are many others out their whom feel the same about these tiny boxed bundles of joy.

Do you love Pop! Vinyl like I do? Leave a comment with what Pop figure is your favourite and why!

Below are just a few examples of some of my favourites in my collection.



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