Trump: The Class Act Megalomaniac

Donald Trump will be President of the United States. Go back and reread that if it still hasn’t sunk in. The businessman has risen to the very top of the pile and the only way is down. But with clear use of racial and gender discrimination, lack of political experience and the temperament of Vinnie Jones at a self checkout, it seems that the most powerful man in the world, may not be the man to make America great again.

President Trump has made a lot of bold promises that he’ll put into action on day one.

Trump claimed that his father gave him “a small loan of a million dollars.” A million dollars dwarves that of my student loan, but Trump has managed to turn that into multiple billions of dollars. He now controls an even vaster wealth and has the power to destroy lives as well as save them. 48% of White 18-29 year olds voted for him. 67% of Whites without a college degree voted for him and 48% of those with an income of over $250,000 voted for him. With diminishing jobs due to outsourcing and American businesses struggling to challenge economic rivals like Germany and China, many are angry at the lack of jobs in society whilst the rich are evading taxes and the gap between rich and poor greatly increases. Jobless voters have clearly turned to a man who has created thousands of roles over the years in his business empire in the hope that he turns around their dwindling fortunes. Conversely many wealth Americans have voted for Trump due to his vast wealth in the hope that he could potentially lower taxes for the very rich. He may actually do well as president economically, having many decades of experience as an extremely successful businessman. But then he has been bankrupt several times and I’m sure he has used loopholes and cheats to earn even more, which he simply cannot do as president. Ether way, Trump will drastically change the economic scene in America.

trump pop.jpg
Trump has been everywhere in the media, and has even been immortalised as a Pop figure.

Even if the man does succeed in turning around the stagnating US economy, Trump is already a decisive choice for the premiership before he has even entered office due to his beliefs. As a candidate, he has thrown the democratic handbook out the window by referring to journalists as “scum”, making up facts, refusing to accept the result had he lost, mispronouncing key events in American history – Mr Trump has refused to abide by basic democratic norms. To add to Donald’s CV is his islamophobia, xenophobia, race-baiting comments and of course being a self-confessed sexual predator. He certainly has provided some humorous moments at times along the campaign trail. The humour though, stems from the sheer difference he embodies to traditional politicians. But Trump’s premiership will be no laughing matter. The threat to ban all muslims from the country to combat radical Islamic terrorism. Refusing to rule out the use of Nuclear Weapons. Threatening to build a wall between Mexico and the US to counter illegal immigration and crime. Donald can’t seem to come up with any serious suggestions about how he will run the country. To me, it harks back to the days of Hitler’s rise to power of cries for Lebensraum or the Jewish Problem. History repeats itself. Please don’t say that this is history repeating itself…During the 1930’s when fascism was on the rise, it occurred to due the gulf in class between the wealthy and the not so wealthy and overall economic hardship, similar to today’s climate. Trump’s speeches are like a 21st century version of Mein Kampf but with a different race to hate and the additional threat of Nuclear Codes.

Trump’s shaking up of the establishment has fired a lot of shots at former presidential candidate and Governor Mitt Romney.

Trump’s racist and sexist views can be seen in his cabinet choices. A penchant for military brass, political outsiders, Wall Street titans and … white men. The picks do not betray a particular faith in the value of prior government experience. Barely any women. Barely any ethnic minorities. Barely any diversity. Trump’s rich white boy rhetoric shines through his picks. What is most worrying about his picks however, is the large number of climate change sceptics. Even Rex Tillerson, Trump’s pick for secretary of state, is a climate change denier even though he worked for oil company Exxon Mobil for years. It is a worrying time for race relations and the environment with Trump highlight both hardline crime and punishment policies and reductions in environmental spending.

Even if the Russians did help him into power. Even if thousands protest in streets in the US and millions of non-Americans across the world also protesting. Even if everyone claims “Trump isn’t my president.” He is. For the foreseeable future, Donald John Trump is the Commander-in-Chief. He is the most powerful man in the world. He is the president of the United States of the Americas. We must accept this and move on. We are all judging him too early. Judge him after he has had his time, not before. You can’t write history before it is written. And you certainly cannot write off Trump before he has had his day. Only time will tell.



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