The top 10 mistakes made by players in Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is without a doubt one of the best FPS games of the last few years. Its World War One setting is a breath of fresh air to the over-saturated modern shooter market. Everyone has put down their CoD’s and picked up this gem. But playing online is different to a lot of other shooters and Battlefield plays extremely differently to Call of Duty. A lot of people are finding the game hard, mainly because they’re trying to do things that’ll get them killed every time. With that said, Heres the Top 10 mistakes made by players in Battlefield 1, which may help you become a better player.

    1. Not looking at what classes your squad mates are playing as – Playing in a squad is vital. It allows you to pick up more XP, spawn on their location rather than a flag and squad objectives allow you to capture objects by working together as a small unit. But by entering a squad where everyone is playing as a medic or no one is playing as a medic, then it really defeats the object. Medics can revive team mates meaning that you’ll have more live comrades on the battlefield to take an object. By having a balanced squad it allows your unit to work together more efficiently by having a nice spread of different abilities like ammo replenishment from the support or anti-vehicles equipment with the assault. Team work is vital in Battlefield 1 and the game is more about playing for the object than playing for the individual. Working with randomers who don’t have headsets can be tricky but it is vital to succeed in the game.
    2. Not playing with a squad – Not playing with a squad is one worst things you can do when playing Battlefield 1. As I’ve mentioned before, spawning on a squad mate is usually more beneficial than spawning on an object. A flag in conquest could spawn you ages away from where you want to be. But by spawning on a team-mate it can immediately put you back in the fire fight straight away and can even beef up any attempts of flanking or spawn trapping. Spawning on a teammate even provides them with a small XP boost. Who doesn’t like a small XP boost? I know you’d love a little boost of XP! 25 here 25 can go a long way. Playing with a squad also enables the capturing of objects to be a hell of a lot easier. Imagine trying to capture the E flag on St. Quentin Scar without anyone to help you? What about trying to hold B Flag in the underground bunker on Argonne Forrest? Do you expect to hold C Flag’s Ballroom all alone on Ballroom Blitz? Being in a squad is integral to moving forward as a team and playing for the objective. Reviving each other, resupplying each other and providing suppressive fire in order to push forward. Working together is essential to succeed and a lot of players forget to do this.
    3. Not keeping an eye out for vehicles  – Taking an object only to realise that a low flying plane is about to decimate your squad or noticing a Heavy Tank rolling over the hill towards your object can frighten any player, knowing that there’s a shell or bomb with your name on it coming within the next few moments. Not being aware of your surroundings is a poor habit to get hooked on in the game. Vehicles can turn any game on its head and not anticipating them heading to your location when taking an object can be a big mistake. Always prepare for vehicles – even on Argonne Forrest where there may not be any vehicles but of course the Armoured Train will always make an appearance. Always carry at least one form of anti-vechile weaponry and be prepared to take cover from any impending behemoths coming your way. You don’t want to get caught out!
    4. Not using the spotting system – the spotting system may seem like you have finger Tourette’s but I’ll honestly save your life. The spotting system allows you and your teammates to see visible enemies on the map. If you spot an enemy and they are killed you even receive more XP. Knowing where an enemy is on the battlefield really gives you an advantage and a lot of players don’t utilise it. It gives you and your team mates the best opportunity of wiping out the opposition near your location by knowing where they are. Scout classes should build on this and fully utilise the Flare gun in order to high enemy positions on the map without even using spotting.
    5. Not being patient before reviving a team-mate– Someone running the medic class is important. But what a lot of inexperienced players don’t account for when playing as the medic is safety. Running into the middle of a firefight to revive one or two downed teammates is a silly yet well practised idea. Take a few seconds to work out what is going on around you like whether there are any tripwire traps or vehicles near you, whether an enemy will get to you before you get to your team-mate or by reviving your teammate do you then given the opposing forces the opportunity to get two kills as you would have revived a new target for them. Every squad needs a medic. But every squad needs a sensible medic who thinks tactically first. It’s like crossing the road – stop, think then go. 618580408
    6. Pushing enemy spawns too frequently – Everyone loves spawn trapping in FPS games. The feeling of crowding the helpless enemy into a corner, constantly spawning only to get mowed down again and again and again causing them to infuriating quit the game in frustration. That’s all well and good but spawn trapping can be a difficult task and pressing ahead to the next flag each time can leave gaps in your defensive lines by allowing the odd scout or assault to sneak around and cap one of your unguarded flags as everyone else is pressing the next objective. This doesn’t mean leaving a soldier at each flag but more so being aware that attacking isn’t always the bets form of defence. All an enemy team needs is a behemoth and one or two well-timed vehicle spawns and you then find yourself on the back foot and you end up losing the match. Think logically when pushing forward by giving your opponents some breathing room and defending what you’ve got.
    7. Not capturing the flags in order – Any normal human knows the alphabet goes A, B, C, D, E, F, G etc. But apparently according to BF1 players, it goes A, B, E, G. Not capturing the flags in order on conquest can lead to large gaps in the map for enemies to spawn leading to possible counterattacks. Capping flags in order is just the simplest thing to do in Conquest. Taking the furthest flag and trapping them centrally like a pincer movement – similar to the Nazi’s Blitzkrieg in World War Two – can lead to enemies repelling and fending off forces due to the game giving them a momentum advantage. Learn those ABCs kids.
    8. Staying in the same spot – Camping is for CoD. Battlefield’s maps are vast and open with many snipers picking off far enemies. There isn’t the sitting in the corner with a shotgun like Call of Duty and this has annoyed many of the players who have only recently transitioned to Battlefield from Call of Duty. Staying in the same spot doesn’t work on this game. You can’t rack up kills to get kill streaks for a cool helicopter or a sweet game ending move as there aren’t any. The game emphasises on running around, capturing objectives and thinking tactically as well as offensively. Granted, staying in the same spot works in places such as being a sniper or defending a well sought after objective such as flag C in Ballroom Blitz. But overall, to be a better BF1 player you’ve got to move around and keep the enemies on their toes.
    9. Firing immediately at the enemy – As already mentioned, this game is often about patience. Biding ones time to take a good shot is better than wasting half a round and not registering a single hit marker. Seeing an opposing player dart past you gives you the chance to think where is he going? Where are his team mates and will he lead them to me? Should I wait for him to do move? Rather than BLAM BLAM BLAM…MISS…*DEAD* You could find that they lie down in a position, gifting you the opportunity for a melee kill or they reveal that actually they were running to revive one or two of their team mates and actually you get a few extra kills. It’s the little thoughts that you should consider before running and gunning like a madman.
    10. Rushing forward too much –  Rushing forward can be tempting. We all love watching gameplay montages of badass playthroughs and players mowing down tonnes of humiliated chumps. Deep down when playing this game, we all want to be World War One Rambo. Rushing will get you killed just as easily as staying in the same spot too much. Move around intelligently, from area to area and building to building. Force your enemy into a mistake and make them rush forward then punish them, rather than you being the one that’s punished.

We all make mistakes on the battlefield. We’re not all perfect. Everyone is guilty of one these from time to time. But by heeding my advice on each of the 10 biggest mistakes, one day you will top that leader board and lead your army to victory.



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