Post-Star Wars fate of Jar Jar Binks disclosed

The most hated Star Wars character has finally been given and ending to his irritating arc.

Jar Jar Binks who, according to series creator George Lucas, “is one of the funnier characters we’ve had in the series.” Binks was added into the saga in Episode I: The Phantom Menance in order to appeal to the little children and babies. This caused a massive backlash by every fan ever though, due to his annoyance which really didn’t fit into the epic space opera.

Despite the fact he is the one who called for emergency powers to be given to the chancellor which lead to the inception of the Empire and the fall of the Republic, Binks did not feature in the series reboot, the Force Awakens nor the Spin-off movie Rogue One.

JJ Abrams did consider killing off the Gungan nuisance in the seventh movie however. “I have a thought about putting Jar Jar Binks’s bones in the desert there,” said Abrams, adding: “I’m serious! Only three people will notice, but they’ll love it.”

This did not actually happen, though we have seen Jar Jar in Force Unleashed video game. The bumbling Gungan can be seen as an Easter Egg frozen in Carbonite in the Imperial Kashyyyk trophy room. Whilst he may not be dead, in the words of C-3PO in the Empire Strikes Back “he’ll be quite well protected, if he survived the freezing process that is.”

There was also the massive online rumour that Jar Jar was in fact Supreme Leader Snoke, the mysterious antagonist of the seventh film. However, these rumours are likely to be quashed by the newest instalment of the franchise being released this December entitled: The Last Jedi.

Well in Chuck Wendig’s Star Wars Aftermath: Empire’s End we finally have the answer to Bink’s mysterious story ending. The novel is considered Canon by Lucas and it is a sad ending for the buffoon.

The book takes place between the sixth and seventh films and contains a section on Naboo. A refugee boy meets a bumbling street performer who is avoided by most adults when he performs in near a fountain in Theed. The Gungan introduces himself to the boy with “Meesa Jar Jar.”

The people of Naboo shun the Gungan and accused him for the creation of the Empire and descending the galaxy into years of darkness. Considered a scapegoat, Jar Jar is now forced to beg on the streets of Naboo by assuming the role of a fountain clown.

Do you think this is a fitting end to the one of the most hated movie characters of all time? Leave a comment on your thoughts on the ending to bumbling buffoon.



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