Holy smokes! The Lego Batman Movie is another Dark Knight delight

Na na na na na na na na Money! Is what studio executives would have been chanting to the high heavens when announcing the Lego Batman movie. And rightly so. This was one of the funniest, well-crafted, comic book accurate and frankly most enjoyable films so far of 2017. Lego have built another family friendly sure-fire hit around everyone’s dream person to be: Batman. He was one of the most enjoyable parts of the amazing 2014 Lego movie and having his own spin-off that spoofs both his movies and the superhero franchise as a whole was a wonderfully woven movie that was clearly made for money, but you can’t help but surrender it to watch this gem with glee. After seeing this movie once, you’ll want to watch this movie again more than he says “I’m Batman!”

Not even the godawful BvS was safe from the receiving the Lego treatment.

This is clearly a kids movie aimed at adults that works. Unlike the frankly embarrassing and tasteless Sausage Party, Lego Batman has well thought out humour that really hits home. Its self-aware, fourth wall breaking humour is reminiscent of the Superhero movie titan from last year that was Deadpool. But what sets Batman in this movie apart from the Mere with the mouth’s first outing was that it has a plethora of movies to rip apart. From Batman ’66 to Batman vs Superman 2016, nothing was safe. I nearly wet myself when Killer Croc, the useless addition to 2016’s Suicide Squad pushes the button for the big Joker bomb and turns to the camera to proudly proclaim: “I did something!”

Another noticeable humour delight from this gem of a movie was the rogues gallery. BvS and Suicide Squad were both ridiculed for cramming in too much crap. Not only is this made fun of in the movie, but it is also used to maximum effect. The writers who clearly have a massive knowledge of comic book lore managed to cram in as many villains as possible to make fun of the studio’s previous content heavy movies but also to pay homage to all the members of the Batman rogues gallery who would never make it into big screen Batman movie. Orca, the Condiment King, Calendar Man and Egg Head are just some of the obscure oddities that make their first ever transition from comic to film for the first time. The characters were both accurate and appropriate to the story of the movie and as a fan you really appreciate seeing all these forgotten foes.

Galifianakis is the Joker and his army of accurate obscure enemies are just as funny as he is.

The voice acting in this feel good film was fantastic. I didn’t even realise that Zach Galifianakis played the Joker or that Michael Cera played Robin. They were that good at playing their respective characters that I didn’t even notice. Will Arnett as Batman was the one who stole the show however. He clearly loved being Batman, I mean, I wouldn’t? Arnett’s role in the first Lego movie was by far the best part about it. So much so that TV’s Batman, Adam West, joked that on the Big Bang Theory “Lego was better than Christian Bale” and that was even before this movie was released! Arnett brings the Batvoice to life by using it for the entirety of the movie. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Batman say “Lobster Thermidor” before, but it was awesome! Hearing Batman talk about everyday things but using his Batvoice was one of the funniest aspects of this hilarious movie.


The humour of this film was amazing. There are so many memorable lines to quote in your best Batvoice.

The look of this film was outstanding. It had the same blend of the last Lego movie – amazing CGI made to give it the feel of crappy stop-motion, even though it isn’t. I must admit though, at times when “master building”, it was hard to focus on what was going on but this was due to the fast editing style combined with the CGI making it a tad hard. I’d definitely recommend 2D for this film.


Starting a film with a black screen, ending a film with a white screen, long and drawn out dramatic logos, reading and narration. All these irritating movie tropes that every film ever uses, Lego Batman takes the mick out of by having the Dark Knight effectively ruin all of them by talking over them and rendering them embarrassingly mute. YouTube channel CinemaSins would have been so proud, they’ve been battling these annoying tropes for years and finally, a film has stood above the rest to laugh at this. And in this film of all films!

This movie wasn’t made just to appease fans. But it managed that. This film wasn’t made just to make a tonne of money. Which it will. This movie has sought out to parody superhero movies whilst being fun and entertaining for kids and exciting and humorous for adults. This is the perfect family movie for the nerdier family, and yet normal generic superhero loving people will love this too. This film deserves to stand tall alongside Toy Story, Despicable Me and Shrek as one of the greatest animated films of all time. It was an enjoyable experience that was clearly crafted with knowledge and love for the subject and really highlights everybody’s dream to be Batman.

Also, If you have a phone with Siri say: “Hey Pewter.” As in Computer without the Com. You’re welcome.

Would I recommend this film? YES. Yes I would. I recommend rewatching this film. Emotion, humour, suspense and actual gravity in an animated movie about a man who fights crime as a bat? Go watch it, go on, go.




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