What it feels like to be a man in make-up

Society is dominated by image. Looking good often takes priority over feeling good. TV shows, social media, celebrities, dating apps, public perception and so many more factors sadly dominate the way we think about image. The importance to be tall, dark and handsome for men as well as women, can be soul crushing.

Manny Gutierrez, better known as Instagram celebrity MannyMua733, is a make-up artist and tutoralist who has recently been selected to be the face Maybelline new make-up

MannyMua733 is loving life as the face of Maybelline.

campaign. Sadly though, he received some online
backlash on Twitter, most prominently from Conservative Christian blogger Matt Walsh. Despite the unnecessary hate, Manny has continued his gifted art and is very happy with what he does. Many other make-up companies are including men in their adverts and campaigns with Rimmel London signing Lewys Ball, a 17-year-old Youtuber with more than 150,000 subscribers, to their latest make-up campaign. This begs the question? What is societies impression of men wearing make-up? For this I entrusted the help of blogger and friend Hayley Sewell to help me put some make-up on and see what public opinion was.

Apologies for any problems with some audio.

In my time wearing make-up, I found that people do stare an awful lot. I had second, third and even a quadruple take. I had hand-covered whispers, funny looks and laughter. But to be honest I expected this response. One elderly gentleman even exclaimed “bloody hell” as I walked past.

I found that mostly it was the elderly generation who stopped and looked at me. This could show the gap in what is acceptable to the older generation compared to today’s millennials. I did receive a lot of expected “LAD Banter” in the form of screen shots from friends as they didn’t understand the reason behind me doing this research. Personally, it was a very rewarding experience.

Just one example of the unnecessary comments he received online.

When I first looked into the mirror, I was gobsmacked with what I saw. It was a completely different person. I stood there and appreciated the amount of time and skill that was used to transform me into something that I’m not used to being. No more spots, no more freckles no more horrible eyebrows – make-up does remove insecurities that we really shouldn’t have. I was extremely nervous before doing this for fear of what was going to be said as I really wasn’t comfortable. I can understand why it can be a massive part of other people’s lives due to the fact that you can change your look and be someone who you might consider ‘better,’ even though that isn’t the case.

The hate and ridicule that Manny and others receive really isn’t necessary in today’s society. They are artists. The brush they wield creates master strokes of genius. Their canvas may be different but they are still magnificent in what they create. To wear make-up for a day and to see what they have to go through is a massive insight which was so rewarding. Although it’s not something Id normally do, it was worth seeing how society perceives men in make-up, and hopefully their views will eventually change. To make fun of someone for something that they do is childish. That is their choice of life. By ridiculing them, I highly guarantee it that if someone were to ridicule you, for whatever reason, you’d be upset. Sadly, today’s humans still aren’t as considerate as we’d like to believe. Maybe if we all opened our eyes and accepted one another, this type of juvenile behaviour may cease for all time.



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