The 7 football movies that need to be made

As a football fan there are some moments you just want to see immortalised on the big screen. The fall of the biggest stars, the most unlikely wins or some of the most dramatic moments of the beautiful game just aren’t portrayed that often into movie form. There are some great documentaries out there, but there are some moments yet to be portrayed into film that simple have to be:

<> on May 07, 2016 in Leicester, England.

  1. Leicester City’s title-winning season – This is rumoured to already be in the works. However, the most unlikely thing to ever happen in Premier League history. 5000/1 odds didn’t stop Leicester City blowing away every opponent possible to win the 2015/16 Premier League title just 12 months after they avoided relegation in one of the craziest relegation battles of the last decade.  The fairytale story helped heroes like Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez and N’Golo Kante rise from football obscurity to household names. The foxes topped the table and shocked the football world – what better way to admire this still unthinkable feat than on the big screen.


2. The fall of Wimbledon – Wimbledon were destroyed by careless owners and turned into
MK Dons, the poison team of English football. A movie following a disgruntled fan would show how devastating this change was. Imagine supporting a club which dated back to the 1890s, only to be told its moving 90km away and changing everything about the club? This heartbreaking news destroyed English football, as one of the great teams was destroyed by corporate fat cats. This would make for a compelling human story that would really highlight the emotional impact that football has on supporters. MK Dons destroyed a British footballing institute – and seeing the story on the big screen would make for a great movie.


3. Zidane – The Movie – One of the greatest footballers of all time really deserves a big screen adaptation. A gritty take on his illustrious career and his heart-breaking on-field farewell would make a brilliant movie. Zidane played for some of the biggest clubs of the world and seeing how he coped and became the man he is today would be an amazing insight into one of the best footballing minds. Now manager of his beloved Real Madrid, probably one of the hardest jobs in football, we could even see his struggles today. The most important part of that film should centre around his stupid decision to head butt Italy’s Marco Materazzi in the 2006 World Cup final. A heart breaking walk past, what would have been the final and arguably, the biggest trophy win of his life after he was sent off for a stupid decision. This would make for a really intense and brilliant piece of cinema if done correctly and definitely this moment alone needs to be turned into a film, let alone the life of a great. Zizou: The Movie needs to be made.


4. Blue Moon rising – Manchester City won what is arguably, the greatest ending to a premier league season of all time. Aguero scored the winner in injury time to beat QPR 3-2 to win the 2011/12 season, pipping city rivals United on the final day. A film depicting the day’s events from different perspectives, perhaps from a United fan away at Sunderland, a fan in the Ethiad stands, one of the managers, a player and even Martin Tyler himself would cover all angles of one of the most exciting games of football of all time. This moment will forever be immortalised by Martin Tyler’s cry of “AGUEROOOO” and now a movie should help this glorious football moment be remembered forever.


5. Paolo Di Canio: The MoviePalloca himself is a clownish character whose life covers so many memorable footballing moments. From scoring one of the Premier League’s greatest goals, sulking on the pitch and asking to be subbed off, pushing over a referee, claiming he’s a fascist not a racist, despite celebrating with a Nazi salute and having a tattoo of a Swastika. He’s also never been capped by Italy despite being one of the best ever Premier League strikers, managed Swindon Town and also saved Sunderland F.C whilst also upsetting their fans the very next season. He’s lived an interesting life and would make for a funny, intriguing and yet gritty film that would tell the story of one of football’s biggest characters.


6. Chapecoense F.C: One of football’s biggest tragedies – A near whole team destroyed by a plane crash, caused by human error. This is the saddest movie proposed on this list. However, a documentary style film that would show how sad it was, as well as how the club are moving forward as well would be he best way to portray this. It is a film that would need to be respectful as well as treat the issue with gravity. This disaster tore a club apart, but brought football together and really highlighted how much of a family football really is. A film would be one way that would pay respect to those who lost their lives.


7. Racism in football – a very dark topic to cover but important none the less. As much as everyone doesn’t want to admit it, sadly racism is still a big problem in football today. Not so much in England but more so abroad in leagues in Russia, Italy and Poland. A film that shows the perspective of a black player who suffers from racial abuse in one of these leagues would be a real hard-hitting piece. It’s not a nice subject, but it is a subject that needs to be highlighted and stamped out. What better way to highlight this great injustice than a movie depicting how upsetting it can be. 2017’s Get Out was a brilliant movie and really highlighted racially inequality today. A movie surrounding this issue in football would hopefully have the same impact.



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