7 Star Wars standalone movies that need to be made

After the lukewarm reception of Rogue One: a Star Wars story, the next Star Wars standalone movie will be centred around the adventures of a young Han Solo. This could be an exciting look into everyone’s favourite half-witty, scruff-looking Nerfherder. However, there is so much more lore we really want explored. Here is a compilation of ideas that would make amazing Star Wars standalone movies that even George Lucas himself couldn’t think of.

  1. Admiral Ackbar: a Star Wars story – straight out of the gate we’re firing the big guns. Admiral Ackbar is one of the most cherished Star Wars characters in the entire galaxy. Despite only briefly appearing in two films, his impact on the rebellion is clearly felt as he pretty much orchestrated the attack on Death Star II. He has built up a cult following for his infamous catchphrase “It’s a trap!” Sadly, voice actor Erik Bauersfeld, who voices the most famous Mon-Calimarian in the galaxy, passed away in 2016 aged 93. Another actor could easily take up the mantle for a full movie dedicated to the cult favourite character. This would really pay homage to the Admiral, we could see his adventures on Mon-Calamari or how becomes one of the Rebel Alliance founders. His story has been expanded upon in the canon cartoon Star Wars: Rebels, but we all want to see him on the big screen in his own movie.



2. Marooned: a Star Wars story – This idea comes from the now defunct ‘Legends‘ universe. Marooned is the tale of a stormtrooper who, some thirteen months after the battle of Endor, still finds himself stranded on the planet alone. He then bumps into a rebel trooper and the two put their differences aside to use a downed Star Destroyer beacon to call for help off world, even if it means fighting monsters and themselves. The story is a delightful tale that would make for an emotional addition to the Star Wars universe. It would effectively be Star Wars’s equivalent of The Revenant. It is a much more human centric story and would rely on the audience connecting with the onscreen characters – seeing what its like after one of the saga’s biggest battles, as well as highlighting the true emotion of being alone in such a vast galaxy. Questioning their morals, their allegiances and their sanity feature in this often unknown Star Wars story and it would really make a compelling film to behold.


3. Clones: a Star Wars storyRogue One sort of attempted to be the Star Wars film to actually focus more so on the war – but ultimately fell flat on expectations. Making what would effectively be Saving Private Ryan crossed with Star Wars would really emphasise the war aspect of the saga. Choosing the clones over the empire or rebels would allow the expanding of the often shunned prequel trilogy. It would also provide more interest in the Clone troopers who, despite their initially genetic make-up of being soulless solders, actually have some heart. In the movies they were depicted in, they were sadly all CGI. This looked awful and they really should be given a second chance on the big screen (no I’m not talking about that god awful cartoon film from 2008). The Clone Wars TV series did show that the troopers can be interesting on their own and the video game Clone Commandos highlighted how awesome these guys can be. Make it happen J.J.



4. Boba Fett – a Star Wars Story – Probably one of the only ones on this list that is actually happening. When the original Disney line-up was shown, it was a choice between Fett or Kenobi getting their own movie. No offence to the Jedi Master, but Boba Fett is one of the coolest looking characters in the saga, has only five lines and goes out like an absolute punk. We want more Fett! Despite his less that adequate screen time, he is one of the most loved Star Wars characters in the universe. His frightening battle armour, his missile backpack and disregard for anything other than paid work help make Boba Fett an out-and-out badass who deserves his own movie. Disney cancelled the video game Star Wars: 1313, which was supposed to be centred around a young Fett, so having them take that away from us, can we have a Boba Fett movie instead please?


5. Sheev Palpatine: a Star Wars story – A film centred around the galaxy’s most evil villain would be a welcome change of tone to the Star Wars saga. Palpatine, also known as the Emperor or Darth Sidious, dark lord of the Sith, is the first 6 movie’s overall antagonist. He quietly manipulates all the goings on in the universe, effectively starting the Clone Wars and brings about the destruction of the Jedi Order from behind a wall of shadows. Sheev did have an intriguing back story briefly touched upon in the in-canon book “Tarkin,” written by author James Luceno and in more detail in the legends novel “Darth Plagueis.” Although the later isn’t considered canon, the story itself could be adapted to the big screen. The evil emperor is a compelling character, he’s evil and he loves it. His motivations are clear and he is a bad guy you love to hate. We deserve to know how he got to be where he is today. Plus he told us “the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise” and I don’t know about you, but I kind of want to see that story come to life on the big screen.


6. X-Wing Squadron: a Star Wars story – The X-wing is so badass. Its design screams classic Star Wars. What better way to pay homage to one of movie’s best looking fighters than to have its own movie. The X-Wing: Rogue Squadron games proved you can have compelling stories centred around a battalion of fighter pilots taking down the Empire. In that case, why not adapt that to the big screen? The Top Gun of the Star Wars universe – minus the homosexual undertones and Tom Cruise of course. This would be an action packed thrill ride that would keep every fan on the edge of their seats. Lock S foils in attack position and stay on target Disney – if you want to make money, then make this film.


7. Dexter Jettster: a Star Wars story – This is going to mention an irritating character from the prequels, if this is going to anger you, then I really don’t care. YouTube movie buffs Red Letter Media got their cranky schizophrenic Mr Plinkett, to review episode II. In that he questions about why the character of Dexter Jester is even included. Jettster has never been mentioned in a previous movie, but Obi Wan just simply strolls in, they hug and then they talk like old friends. Dexter even refers to Kenobi as “old buddy.” This implies that the two do have a history together, yet it is never implied and he is never heard from again. He has a great knowledge of the outer rim, so why not explore this character further? Fans always crave more lore so why not expand his? Yes, he is last on this list as it is more of a jokey addition, but even so, why not? Plinkett makes a few jokes at the expense of the character and the possibility of a spin-off starring the Besalisk – “How about a spin-off movie discovering how Dexter Jettster got his 1950’s diner?” Come on guys, don’t give me that look! I apologise in advance but if you watch the clip below you’ll see what I mean


Ultimately there will be one or two Star Wars films every year for the rest of our lives. Eventually, we will be bored with it all. The Star Wars universe has one vital flaw and that it is tiny. The universe is so small and that it relies on references to keep their fans happy in with their movies, without them they’re boring.  Take away TIE Fighters, X-Wings, Darth Vader, Boba Fett and everything else – you’ve then got nothing. We will all get bored with Star Wars eventually, but until then, hopefully these 7 ideas for Star Wars standalone movies will tie us over until then.


Anyway, may the force be with you

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