ReReview Special: Watching all 4 Transformers movies at the same time

Michael Bay might be leaving the Transformers movie series after his fifth outing, The Last Knight, hits theatres later this summer, but he could be back sooner than you think.

Bay revealed at ComicCon that 14 (yes, you read that correctly) more movies have already been written. These movies are likely to be spin-offs, similar to what the Star Wars franchise is doing, with the first story rumoured to be centred around fan favourite Bumblebee.

He does want to return to the helm one day though, telling MTV, “There’s good stuff, I would like to do one of them though.”

With this, somewhat intriguing news regarding the multi-million dollar franchise, I thought it best to grab a few beers and sit down with my good friend Simon to watch all 4 of the current Transformers movies at the same time just to see what these movies are all about – especially considering once those 14 extra films are released it would take the franchise up to a total of 19 films.



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