Does Battlefield 1 suck?

Battlefield might have had a bright start with millions of players enjoying the beta and the subsequent game released a few weeks later, its staying paying hasn’t quite lived up to the amazing trailer that shone the light on one of arguably the best shooting games of the last decade.

Despite being an online focused game, the single player campaign, albeit a short one, chucks you straight into the action. It makes you realise how unlikely it would have been for you to survive WWI but also online as you’ll destroyed by everyone else. The campaign treats the war with actual gravity and respect and the only way to describe it is gut wrenching. I had an absolute blast playing the campaign and really tried to take my time considering how short it is. It showcases how frustrating the weapons are, how mammoth some of your tasks as a solder were and ultimately how overly unprepared everyone was. With characters straight out of any excellent Netflix series, it was the biggest surprise of this game and without a doubt is worth replaying several times.

Vehicular combat can suck my rocket gun. No one uses any of the other tanks on offer bar the heavy. Why? Because the heavy tank is so god like there should be a religion named after it. Even when it was reduced in power in recent updates, it is so overpowered that it can win games just like that. You take one, or even if your team is smart enough two, and park them in the middle of the Suez Canal map, by the main village, and you’ve won the game, hands down. Tanks were an integral part of the war as it was their first ever outing in a conflict and Battlefield always has vehicles but even so, wow…Sometimes there isn’t even a point in trying to defeat a heavy tank. Bar Assault class and the occasional limpet mine, all the other classes are useless and become essentially cannon fodder to the lucky bugger driving around in the tank.

Speaking of overpowered vehicles have you come across a behemoth? Of course you have. They rampage through the map and change the course of the match in favour of a team doing so badly that even the Labour Party has a better chance of winning than you do. The armoured train, the zeppelin, the dreadnought and now the Char 2C all dominate the map and it’s a case of it’s helping my team, but it’s hindering my team. Both sides will argue that the Behemoth is good or bad when it suits them best but ultimately, from my point of view, I think that they’re needed to stop teams running away with matches and making games more intense and challenging.




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