Does The Big Bang Theory Suck?

Our whole universe was in a hot, dense state. Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started, wait. The earth began to cool, the autotrophs began to drool. Neanderthals developed tools, We built a wall (we built the pyramids). Math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries, that all started with the big bang.

The theme song to CBS’s hit show the Big Bang Theory is lodged in the brain of every millennial so much that a rail road spike to the brain wouldn’t help the catatonic state this show has left us in. After 10 seasons, 227 episodes and an average audience of 12 million per episode, the Big Bang Theory is TV’s number 1 show. And yet, does it suck?

American sitcoms and comedy shows are very different to ones in the UK. British shows are well written, developed characters and know when to end at the right time. Whereas, over the pond, Yanks prefer to squeeze every inch of a show that they possibly can. This is clear to see with the Big Bang Theory. 10 seasons on, the show is starting to feel stale. Boring and often unnecessary storylines, making every possible character trope ether a stereotype or borderline cliché and negatively portraying certain groups of society, the Big Bang Theory is well on its way on a self implosive spiral.

Lets start with the characters: We have stereotypical portrayals of what the show considers to be “nerds.” They portray them as geeky, lonely individuals and make their past times and hobbies the butt of jokes. Stewart who runs a comic book store, is often made fun of as his store “never” has customers and he is poor because of that. Comic book stores do insanely well nowadays. The rise of Marvel movies and a wave of nostalgia for comic books has led to the resurrection of graphic novels etc. Deeply religious southern American mothers, a nerdy character who can’t speak to women unless he is drunk and a creepy jewish guy who pervs on women and lives with his mother. The writers really have pushed the show to near borderline sociological cliché.

The show itself just isn’t funny. If you boil it down and watch the show without any of the  laugh tracks and it just simply isn’t funny. Your brain is just hardwired to laugh when the ‘audience’ does. The jokes are ether hurtful comments, repetitive quips about a character’s traits or actions or scientific soliloquies that may ether not be accurate, or the audience doesn’t understand so they laugh anyway.

The weirdness of Sheldon, Howard, Raj and Leonard has decreased on the show has gone on. Although it is satisfying to see the become more human, it means the show loses one of the main appeals about it – the quirkiness of the characters. Raj can now talk to women without being drunk, the creepy misogynist Howard is now married and has a child and weirdest of all Sheldon has had sex with Amy. The overall story is us watching these characters grow and process, but ultimately their lives are becoming as dull and as boring as our one.

Add to that the fact that Amy and Bernadette are largely presented as being borderline psychotic in their own hackneyed ways (Amy, the greasy four-eyed naif; Bernadette, the sweet-but-possessive-and-violent one), and the fact that any normal women have enough sense to only hang around for a few episodes before leaving this deeply troubled gang to their own bizarre devices. Can you blame them?

Intellectually this show is on the same level as Takeshi’s Castle. It tries so god damn hard to be clever but it fails worse than Michael Jordan’s baseball career. Remember the episode when Sheldon eats lots of Brussel Sprouts and farts? Because I clearly needed to be a theoretical physicist at Caltech to work that one out, right?

Even the ideas of fandom like Batman and Superman are so basic that every 4-year-old knows the most basic facts about superheroes, which is all they seem to reference – the basic. In one episode they challenge one another to find a reference to “Krytptonian Skin cells.” Whilst there is no explicit reference, Superman harnesses the sun’s energy as the basis of his powers, acting as a battery, which is firmly established in Byrne’s Man of Steel series from the 1980’s. If you’re going to make your characters comic book geniuses, at least get the very basis correct.

In short, the Big Bang Theory has gone on for too long. Its jokes are stale. Its characters have become boring, clichéd shadows of their former selves. There comes a time in life where we all need to go and it’s safe to say: the sooner the better. Hopefully the hot, dense state will cool faster the autotrophs can drool.




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