What’s going to happen in Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi?

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens asked more questioned than is answered. Who is Snoke? Who are Rey’s parents? Why was Luke alone on that island? How did Maz Kanata get the Lightsaber? Who are the Knights of Ren? How did Kylo get Vader’s mask? Did Captain Phasma survive the destruction of Star Killer Base? So many unanswered questions. And yet, not knowing is half the fun. Too many movies reveal too much in the trailers or use already existing material like comic books or novelization to pretty much give away their plot. With Episode VIII right around the corner – What is going to happen?

Supreme Leader Snoke and the First Order will definitely be greatly expanded upon in the next film. Snoke says that he “has witnessed the rise and fall of the Empire”, so he has lived for a fairly long time. However, to say that he is the Emperor or Darth Plagueis reincarnated is a silly thing to say. Mere fan twaddle there. Snoke could originate from the undiscovered space as the Emperor’s ship, the Eclipse which is one of the largest Star Destroyers ever created, heads into wild space after the battle of Jakku. Snoke will be shown more in this next film. I highly doubt that he is as tall as his hologram portrays him to be in the Force Awakens. That was clearly to make him look more sinister to little babies. Perhaps the filmmakers made him have a hologram that tall was to highlight how much of a pussy he is. We don’t know his powers. We don’t know who he is, let alone whether he is force sensitive. He has a big hologram because he is tiny and pathetic, but I really hope that this is not the case.

The character of Rey will definitely be explored upon more. There is so much mysticism around her that online speculation has led to so many wacky theories. That she is Palpatine reincarnated, that she is Anakin reincarnated, she is a Kenobi, Solo or a Skywalker. One of the most prominent online theories that are circling the interweb is that she has no parents and that she is a vengeance of the force. Like Anakin, the force was manipulated to create life. Now we know that Jakku was the home of ancient Sith relics and is an important planet in their religion, this was hinted at in the canon novel, Aftermath. Perhaps she was created by some of this ancient Sith magic or something. We see the ship leave which could have been Sith sympathizers but then again it looks similar to Luke Skywalker’s shuttle from Star Wars #89, part of the abandoned canon of Marvel Star Wars expanded universe comics. Now, this also could be true due to the fact that the Episodes the main storyline, features around the Skywalker.  First Anakin, now Luke. Now whether she is Luke’s daughter, niece or clone, it could be likely that she is actually related to Luke. But we will found out more about her and her mysterious past. We know that Luke will be training her in the ways of the Jedi, so let’s wait and see.

Kylo Ren might have been a whiny, arrogant pussy bitch who kills his own father (spoilers), but he is still feeling the pull of the light side. He clearly has some good in him and he may want to be like Vader and “finish what you started”, but this could also be his transition to the light side just like his grandfather did. We hear that the light side still has a pull on him and maybe we’ll see more of this in the next film. He’ll definitely feature more so in this film. The second installment of this new trilogy will more than likely be a darker film in tone. Just like the Empire Strikes Back, I am expecting this film to be much darker. The font which was revealed in the recent reveal for the movie’s title was red. In the Star Wars universe, red means Sith. The film even talks about the LAST Jedi. So we could be seeing a major Jedi character death, Luke or Rey, and Kylo will definitely be out to spill more blood.

If Captain Phasma is wasted in this film like she was in TFA, then someone is getting hurt. She was portrayed throughout so much of the promotional material. But I honestly questioned her inclusion in the first film. I thought after seeing her go out like a punk by being shoved into the trash compactor that she was only in the movie to sell mugs, T-shirts and lunch boxes.

There’ll be so much more Luke in this next installment, but will he be the hero we all remember? The teaser trailer shows him saying that the Jedi need to be destroyed – WHAT?! There’ll definitely be an OMG shock moment in the newest installment that could be on the scale of the Darth Vader reveal in Empire.

There will be one worry regarding Empire though, will this film be a soft remake of the Empire Strikes Back? The Force Awakens was a blatant soft reboot for the series but also a remake of A New Hope. Let us hope that Disney doesn’t try to pull the same trick on us again. TFA was a great installment to the Star Wars universe, but ultimately it was a story we had been told before. Something new and refreshing would be welcomed to the already crowded and fatiguing franchise.

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi toys are released on September 1st. The toys usually give away massive spoilers so let us look to then to find out more.



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