Movie Review Round-Up

Here is a quick look at some of the other movies released this year:


Logan – The superhero movie we all craved and finally got. Logan was the perfect way to send off Hugh Jackman as everybody’s favourite X-man, Wolverine. Patrick Stewart and Jackman provide stellar performances in a well-scripted, high-octane passion piece that puts the shoutiest member of Xavier’s band of heroes to rest. If you’re bored with the same old superhero movie formula then look no further than this depressing yet enjoyable flick. Bring some tissues and be ready to say goodbye in the best possible way.


Life – Oh my goodness. Want to cash in on the popularity of the Alien’s films but not actually make an Alien film? Yes? Then your answer is the lackluster film Life. Ryan Reynolds has the world at his feet at the moment after his success with Deadpool, but Life sucks more than Alien Resurrection. The movie was rumoured to be a prequel to the upcoming Spiderman spin-off movie, Venom. Please don’t say this is true. We get it, looking for aliens is bad. Touching strange alien parasites/artifacts/beings is bad. Trying to make Alien without calling your movie Alien is bad. Don’t waste your time with this loud, lazy cash grab. Shame on your Ryan Reynolds.


Power Rangers – If you’re after a fraudulent reboot attempting to sell your childhood back to you in a gritty, dark version with embarrassing CGI and even more embarrassing acting then look no further than Power Rangers. Fan of the some of the original series like Time Force, Wild Force, RPM or In Space? Then don’t bother with this utter garbage. The only saving grace? Bryan Cranston plays Zordon and for those of you who didn’t know, Cranston played the villains Snizzard and Twin man. But yeah, this movie sucks.


John Wick: Chapter 2 – The John Wick franchise is really taking off with another superb entry. Don’t waste your time with another Die Hard or even some of the newer bond movies. Instead, watch Keanu Reeves return to his best as the grittiest action hero this decade. Imagine Liam Neeson mixed with Crank, Wanted and the Raid. Yeah, wow indeed. A brilliant action series with an interesting take on revenge plot lines. Worth a watch.


Get Out – FAN-TAS-TIC. mind-blowing and um…well I cannot think of any other word as I am simply speechless. Get Out is a brilliant horror movie and the best one I’ve seen in a long time. A gritty, jumpy take on psychological horror with racism as the backdrop. An interracial couple as the main premise of a horror movie plot? Brilliant! Why hadn’t anyone thought of it before? The way it starts out as a rom-com and then slowly descends into madness. It is honestly the modern-day equivalent of Silence of the Lambs. Uh huh, that good.


Smurfs 3: The Lost Village – Sigh…NEXT


Beauty and the Beast – Disney, I get it you make a lot of money. But please can you do that by making something original. Yes, John Carter flopped and so did Tomorrowland. But I at least can say I liked the latter? Another fraudulent attempt to cash in on an existing product we remember from our youth. Emma Watson was adequate as Belle. A somewhat shoehorned performance at best. But extravagant set pieces aren’t going to save you when we can see that your movies have flaws. Disney is rumoured to be remaking Mulan next…yay.


The Boss Baby – Alec Baldwin stars as the cute but cunning boss baby who must put aside his differences with his sibling Tim in order to mutually get what they want. There’s a battle between puppies and babies, a baby wearing a suit and a dancing baby in a crib that has gone viral – what’s not to love? This was a mildly enjoyable flick for both adults and kids. Take your little ones to see this rather than Smurfs, I swear you and them will enjoy it more.


Ghost in the Shell – Despite the whitewashing controversy, this is a mildly competent movie at times, and at times it is so bad that it makes you want to gouge your eyes out with felt tip pens. Another “perfect soldier” movie who is devoted to stopping criminals – someone’s seen Robocop. It really doesn’t feel original as the trailer so attempts to point out. It’s a generic movie with a generic plot which even generic audiences wouldn’t want to see. The thin attempts to make cyberpunk culture seem appealing fall flat in an otherwise lackluster experience. A massive case of style over substance here.


The Circle – Yet another Sci-Fi original movie gone wrong. Why bother? The premise of this film is basically what if Facebook went bad. Starring Tom Hanks as evil Mark Zuckerberg, Emma Watson must stop him at all costs. A few minor laughs but ultimately failing as a satire – the premise being far too obvious to be considered satirical. A real shame considering it came from director James Ponsoldt who directed the fabulous film, The End of the Tour.


The Space Between Us – Oh goodness this film was diabolical. A Sci-Fi premise as the backdrop for a romantic movie, give me a break. A boy who has never been on Earth falls in love with an earthling. They battle to hide from the government as it turns out he cannot survive on Earth. That is supposed to be the emotional shock, but it is a premise that is already given away in the trailer – nullifying the payoff. A real snooze fest of a flick with a unbelievable premise and a cliché ridden plot. It’s basically the Notebook…IN SPACE.


Rings – First I thought Hollywood would have learned after remaking a fraudulent sequel for the Blair Witch Project. Remaking old horror movies from like a decade or two ago just simply doesn’t sit well with audiences. The Ring is a throughly charming endeavour with an aged charm to it down the line. This is embarrassingly quaint. There are next to no scares in this. In fact, in the theatre I was in, more people laughed than anything. Jump scares are not scary Hollywood. Lethargic and way too serious for its own good. Don’t bother wasting your time with this movie. Rotten Tomatoes gave it 6% and even that is too generous.


Unforgettable – I have seen some pretty forgettable movies this year and the title of this one says it all. A terrible thriller that has a predictable script that even a 7-year-old would know what was going on. Lazy acting and a by the numbers revenge plot. One word: boring.


Gifted – Chris Evans has taken a break playing America’s symbol of World War Two hope, Captain America, to become a single dad raising a gifted child in this pleasant picture. This film tugs at your heartstrings so much it leaves a physical throbbing once you leave the theatre. This movie succeeds in its goal of leaving a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart but that is about all. Questions about morality, whether home schooling is good for your child and whether Chris Evans can actually act.


xXx: The Return of Xander Cage – Generic action movie with generic characters trying to stop the generic weapon that’ll create generic fictional destruction. Yawn. Vin Diesel phones it in as everybody’s least favourite action star Xander Cage who attempts to stop satellites being destroyed which in turn will do a thing. Honestly, I can’t remember the plot of this movie. It’s about as forgettable as Unforgettable.



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