A cafe like no other

When it comes to cafe’s our high streets are littered with Costas, Starbucks, Coffee #1 and so many more chain shops that the obscure are left to fend for themselves.  A cafe filled with cats might seem like a daft or absurd idea to you, but to the people of ‘You & Meow’, cats and coffee go together like bread and butter.


The cafe and its wonderful inhabitants have become social media stars


Bristol’s first ever cat cafe describes themselves via their website as “a unique experience where customers can enjoy the company of our cats whilst savouring our selection of teas, coffees and delicious cakes. Inspired by Japanese Zen Gardens, we want to recreate the feeling of tranquillity in a relaxing environment for both our cat family and customers to have the purrfect experience.”


On each table is a series of toys which you can entice the cats to play with


With a massive and ever-growing family living in the cafe, the likes of Casanova, Odie and of course the famous head honcho Aya meet new friends every day in a safe environment and peaceful environment that really allows you to appreciate these majestic masters of Zen. Most cafes are noisy places filled to the rafters with hustle and bustle – You & Meow offers refreshments and relaxation aplenty through their carefully designed palace of tranquillity.

The cats are well fed, well looked after and get a lot of attention. You might be saying to yourself “a cat cafe? isn’t that dirty with hair everywhere? Ew.” Well, I can assure you that it is one of the most hygienic places I’ve been to in Bristol – and that says a lot!


The cats have plenty to do. Comfy beds, bubbles to pop and chase and sleep anywhere they want


The off the beaten track location behind the Bristol Hypodrome gives it that extra bit of homely feel that you just don’t get with other places. I never thought something as simple yet absurd as a cafe filled with cats would engross me as much as it has done, and yet I cannot help but fall in love with a place so delightful – this, of course, is coming from a dog person as well!


You don’t get cute sites like this in Costa


I highly recommend you put down your skinny chai mocha latte with extra cream and-and go and visit Noel, Petal, Ivy and so many more wonderful cats in their wonderful cafe.


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