An Indian Adventure: Day 4

Lack of sleep and uncontrollable desire to stay in bed meant that once again I got up too late to go to the market for essentials and to early for work. I spent the morning drafting ideas for pieces I could write for my colleagues and then summoned an Uber when it became time to leave for work. Uber is still somewhat a novelty to me. Its simple design begs the idea as to why something like this hasn’t been thought of before. In order to travel anywhere in the city, transportation is needed. Famous as I am for walking everywhere, I simply couldn’t avoid this. Plus I can’t exactly wear headphones in a city the other side of the world that I barely know when going to work.

Upon arrival, I made the relevant changes to my copy on the Nintendo Switch that was asked of me and began to write away on ideas that for some reason seemed to be pouring out of my head. I began with planning and starting to write copy on a piece encouraging people to visit Bath. For all people who aren’t journalistically savvy, the copy is the writing in an article. The meat, if you will. When waiting to hear back from websites regarding using their images, I began to write a list of players who are likely to move clubs this January – mainly English Premier League as it is arguably the most supported football league in this country would you believe. And once I had finished that piece and sent it off to be edited, I began working on a piece about Game of Thrones. In the piece, I was saying that, because the next series isn’t due until 2019, so why not read the books. Finishing all my work for the day I head home a little early, having gotten into work early and completing more work than expected, I felt this was deserved.

I left early enough to finally head to the market. What a world an Indian supermarket is! I thought it necessary to bring my trusty backpack to avoid bag levies if any. Turns out upon entry, an armed security guard cable ties all the zips on your bag so you can’t open it to shoplift. Madness – but effective. The supermarket was massive, but extremely poorly organized in terms of store layout. You walk into the general merchandising – your clothes, DVDs, toys etc. – unusual to begin with, only to then end up with juices, crisps, and confectionaries and then toiletries. And I thought Morrison’s was bad back home. The freezers were slapped right in the middle of the room, with a big yellow label atop the smallest fridge – “Warning, this freezer contains pork products” – I went into said freezer to see what god-awful product this country called pork, only to look up when I was done to see a shop worker rudely grimace at me. Strange.

My entire shop came to 1300 rupees, which was £15 worth of shopping. £15 for my weekly shop and then some. Screw Aldi, I’m doing my shopping here from now on. Upon leaving the supermarket, the attendant packs all your shopping for you – into one giant bag might I add, not too different from those charity bags you get through the door – and then cable ties THAT bag, as if you wanted another go round. He then instructed me in broken English to show the armed security guard at the exit my receipt, which he also had to sign. I did so and left the building, only to take the longest walk home as that bag was heavy than my heart when Sainsbury’s stopped selling the Big Breakfast sandwich as part of their meal deal.

I eventually got home, with a sore back from that infernal bag, only to be unable to sleep – not from an overactive and overthinking mind this time. Oh no, in fact, this time, I was so unwell, that my lavatory was my best friend as I hugged it all night long. Let’s hope tomorrow is somewhat better, please?


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