An Indian Adventure: Day 5

For today, nothing really of note took place in all honesty,

I’ve had assignments and projects to work on a lot so I have little time really. The editor, the team leader and my colleagues really like my work.

At the moment, I’m mostly writing copy, helping out with social media pieces, coming up with studio ideas and creating and editing content. This is because they use a profile called Quark Express, which I am unfamiliar with and isn’t widely used in the UK for creating content. I have been teaching myself how to use it so I’ll be designing in my own time.

The one thing I’m finding difficult is using Uber. This city is far too large to walk around, which is unfortunate for me as I am renowned for walking from A to B. I use Uber, as they don’t rip you off unlike the meter taxis here. The only issue? The Ubers are always late or they don’t even turn up. My apartment is down a secluded lane and they can never find it, which can often lead to lateness or extra charges.

Ah well.


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