I am a student Journalist nearing the end of my three-year course at the University of Gloucestershire. My biggest passion in life is movies and I love nothing better than writing long, thought-provoking reviews. I have seen every Kevin Spacey movie, which I sometimes don’t know whether this is a good or bad thing. I enjoy watching the latest releases as well as watching old, unheard of movies both for entertainment value but also to experience something that not many movie goers have.

I also have a massive passion for gaming and enjoy spending my time replaying old video games. Video games have always been at the centre of my life and I enjoy replaying games several times on different difficulties and using different play styles to get the full feel for them.

I am massively into sports and use my love for football to often create passionate fan pieces on the changing landscape of the game. I also play field hockey and like nothing better than spending my cold evenings hitting a ball around with friends.

I have learnt many ways to produce my content over my years at University but I often opt to squeeze in a little humour and personality into my pieces to highlight my intense outlook on life.