How to fix: Pirates of the Caribbean

The Pirates of the Caribbean movies are one of the most loved movie franchises in the world. From Tortuga to Shipwreck cove, these movies have touched the hearts (be they in a  chest or not) and souls of many landlubbers but they've sadly gone the way of the Kraken, driven to extinction, not by Davy... Continue Reading →


How to fix: Pokemon Games

If you grew up in the nineties or the early 2000s, it is highly likely you've heard about Pokemon. If you are a human who has lived in a cave all your life then I doubt you would have heard about Pokemon. If you don't live in a cave I am almost certain you've heard... Continue Reading →

How to Fix: The Aliens Franchise

The Aliens franchise is one of the most beloved Science Fiction and one of the oldest Horror franchises around. But the last few instalments have somewhat missed the mark entirely and were nowhere near close to the originals glory. Here's 9 ways to fix the Aliens franchise: Stick to one genre: ether Sci-Fi Horror or Science-Fiction Action... Continue Reading →

How to fix: the DC Extended Universe

DC Comics have so much potential in their universe to have amazing movies made about their most famous characters. Some have already graced our screens like 1989's Batman or Christopher Reeve's first outing as Superman in 1978 and of course the jaw-dropping Nolan-verse Batman Trilogy. But DC can't survive off the Nolan-verse and others alone.... Continue Reading →

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