Ben Wodecki’s Great British Beers

British Breweries are plentiful but treated badly by those who are supposed to enjoy them. As you can see from the infographic, they're taxed massively compared to their European counterparts. The Glos Show wanted to highlight this. They sent their most unorthodox reporter for a guided tour around Longehope's famous 'Hillside Brewery.' Stunning scenes, drinks flowing... Continue Reading →


Conservative MEP gives grave speech to Cheltenham’s remainers

MEP Julie Girling, currently representing the South West and Gibraltar gave a talk last night in Cheltenham. She was addressing an anti-Brexit group based in the town who are part of Britain for Europe, a large conglomerate of protest groups who want closer ties with the continent and want to eventually repeal Brexit. She was... Continue Reading →

What it feels like to be a man in make-up

Society is dominated by image. Looking good often takes priority over feeling good. TV shows, social media, celebrities, dating apps, public perception and so many more factors sadly dominate the way we think about image. The importance to be tall, dark and handsome for men as well as women, can be soul crushing. Manny Gutierrez, better... Continue Reading →

Trump: The Class Act Megalomaniac

Donald Trump will be President of the United States. Go back and reread that if it still hasn't sunk in. The businessman has risen to the very top of the pile and the only way is down. But with clear use of racial and gender discrimination, lack of political experience and the temperament of Vinnie Jones... Continue Reading →

Conservatives win Sleaford by-election

Conservative Caroline Johnson has won the Seaford and North Hykeham by-election. Labour finished fourth behind UKIP and the Lib Dems. The conservatives held the seat, after former MP Stephen Phillips quit, citing “irreconcilable policy differences” with the government. The Lincolnshire seat is in an area which heavily voted to leave the EU. The turnout for... Continue Reading →

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