ReReview Special: Watching all 4 Transformers movies at the same time

Michael Bay might be leaving the Transformers movie series after his fifth outing, The Last Knight, hits theatres later this summer, but he could be back sooner than you think. Bay revealed at ComicCon that 14 (yes, you read that correctly) more movies have already been written. These movies are likely to be spin-offs, similar... Continue Reading →


ReReview – Bionicle: the Mask of Light

The early 2000s were simpler times. Mobile Phones didn't have the strangle hold they have on us today, Star Wars wasn't good quality but we still watched it anyway and male kids played with some of the greatest toy lines in history. Beyblades, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Action Man and so many more controlled our lives. But... Continue Reading →

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