Simple, and yet simply Astonishing – Darkest Hour

With two Churchill films within a matter of months of each other, it gave movie goers a chance to appreciate an accurate depiction of one of Britain's greatest heroes. Gary Oldman trounces Brain Cox's depiction of the portly politician and rightly so, Darkest Hour is a magnificent piece of art. Never before has the great... Continue Reading →


IT sucked…And so does modern Horror

The elderly man who is Hollywood is lying on his deathbed, reminiscing¬†about past glory days and reliving them. The only thing is he can't quite remember them correctly as the characters in his stories change. Their faces are different but they're the same stories. Only each time he recites them, they get worse. And he... Continue Reading →

Movie Review Round-Up

Here is a quick look at some of the other movies released this year: Logan - The superhero movie we all craved and finally got. Logan was the perfect way to send off Hugh Jackman as everybody's favourite X-man, Wolverine. Patrick Stewart and Jackman provide stellar performances in a well-scripted, high-octane passion piece that puts... Continue Reading →

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