The release of Episode I – A short story

Here is a short story telling the tale of a fragile minded Star Wars mega-fan who really didn't take the release of The Phantom Menace too well. 16 years have passed since the last time I felt this alone. When the last released, it was magical, the story had an ending and I felt complete.... Continue Reading →


Movie Review Round-Up

Here is a quick look at some of the other movies released this year: Logan - The superhero movie we all craved and finally got. Logan was the perfect way to send off Hugh Jackman as everybody's favourite X-man, Wolverine. Patrick Stewart and Jackman provide stellar performances in a well-scripted, high-octane passion piece that puts... Continue Reading →

Does Star Wars Battlefront Suck?

Star Wars Battlefront II has finally had a trailer released. The much-awaited follow-up to the 2015 mediocre misfire comes as a shock to the system as we witness some of the things we've been dreaming of. In the trailer we can see new heroes spanning all the films from prequels to the new trilogy as Kylo... Continue Reading →

Top 10 movies you’ve probably never seen

We've all been there, lying through your teeth to say you've seen this movie or that movie. But here are a few ones you've probably never seen, but most definitely should have: Godzilla - No I'm not talking about Gareth Edward's homage film from 2014 nor Roland Emerich's embarrassment of a movie from 1998, I'm... Continue Reading →

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